“Some bugs just need to die. But that doesn't mean we need to poison ourselves, our children, our pets or our planet. There are better ways to kill unwanted and dangerous pests.”

~ Peter Dudek / Founder of

Why Choose Natural Bug Killers?

They Work! Often BETTER than Poison!

It's true! Why? Ask any farmer that uses pesticides. They know insects have the ability to develop resistance and immunity to poisons. How do they do this? Find out in this blog post...

They are Safe for You, Your Children & Your Pets!

There really are natural ingredients that kill insects yet are harmless to humans and mammals. Giant corporations hope you never find out their cheap poisons aren't the only things that control insects...

They're Environmentally Friendly!

Our products are designed to be used in your space and around your family and pets. They most likely will never even reach the general environment and even if they did, they won't hurt it at all...

Discover Our Natural Solutions


Got the "Seven Year Itch"? Can't get rid of the scabies? Are they driving you CRAZY? You're not alone. We have the all-natural answer.


The dreaded head lice problem seems to be getting worse every year. That's because POISONS have created "Super Lice."


Wouldn't it be nice to be out in the open without getting eaten alive or slathering poisons all over? You can. We've got you covered!


Houseflies can be such a nuisance. They can ruin your food and take all the fun out of cooking and entertaining. Our fly spray will kill them and is safe to use around food!

Main Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients

Some People Think Natural Ingredients Won't Work. They Couldn't Be More Wrong...

Huge companies that manufacture toxic poisons don't want you to know that ingredients such as essential oils and various enzymes will kill bugs.

Why the secret? They cannot PATENT these ingredients. It's all about the money. It's so cheap to manufacture poison. Their profits are HUGE! So that's why the propaganda gets out there against natural solutions for pest control. 


They Work

Some Natural Ingredients have been used to kill bugs not for decades...not for centuries...but for THOUSANDS of years!


They Usually Smell Nice

The products made from essential oils often smell wonderful! Essential oils often come from processing flowers. The oils are blended into functioning bug killers. But they retain their pleasant odors.


They Don't Hurt You

Yes there are plants that can hurt - poisons in fact. But ALL of the natural ingredients we use are 100% harmless to humans and their pets.


They Don't Hurt Mother Nature

Having been organic farmers, we are also life-long lovers of nature. We love this beautiful planet and have committed to making ONLY products that are safe for Mother Nature.


 Mother Nature 

 She's Watching You... 

I see what you people have been doing for the past century or so and I'm not happy. I'm considering sending you to your rooms without any supper! 

However, SOME of you have been doing better lately so maybe I'll give you another chance. 

Just one thing...

I know you need to deal with some of my bugs, but stop spraying so much poison around, m'kay? 

You Owe it to Yourself, Your Family, Your Pets & the Planet to Consider Natural Solutions to Pest Control

Take a look at all our wonderful products, made in the U.S.A. 


We are a family that retired from organic farming to pursue the creation of products that control pests that bother families and their pets. Read more...


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